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Why Use Genie Blocks For Your Construction?

The reasons are solid, practical and simple!

Genie Block building is "Green" … the Colour of The Future!

"Green building" is the concept of constructing homes and buildings we need today without depleting resources for future generations. In the new world of "green building," information about the strength, durability, and indestructible nature of concrete as a resourceful building material is emerging. Amid the 'tear-down-and-replace mentality' so common today, concrete stands out defiantly. Try to replace concrete with an alternative building material, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a substitute possessing the same thermal qualities, design flexibility, and long life.

Fortunately, a paradigm shift is taking place in attitudes about resource conservation and sustainability. More builders and homeowners are now embracing green building, and concrete is emerging as a champion rather than a rebel. With Genie Blocks you can build environmentally responsible structures without compromising beauty, comfort, or economy.

Genie Blocks Save Money Over The Years

Many people assume that "building green" will cost more. However, sustainable buildings can actually save money when you factor in life-cycle costs, utility expenses, maintenance needs, and occupant health.

Building exterior walls using Genie Blocks can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs. How much is saved depends on the size of the building and climate conditions. The larger the building, the greater the savings. Structures in colder climates will save more in heating expenses, and those in warmer climates will have the lowest cooling costs. You can also install smaller heating and cooling equipment, which can save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on construction costs.

Other ways sustainable buildings can save money over time:

  • Using low-maintenance materials that will last longer (such as concrete vs. asphalt driveways or concrete roof tiles vs. asphalt- or fiberglass-based shingles) reduces or eliminates maintenance and replacement expenses.

  • Structures built with concrete walls and roofs often cost less to insure because they resist natural disasters such as high winds and fire.

  • The durability and long-term cost advantages of sustainable buildings increases their resale value.

Genie Blocks are Good For Your Health!

The Healthy House Institute reports that indoor air pollution is the cause of about 50% of illnesses. Common sources of this pollution include out-gassing from toxic paints and finishes, carpeting, manufactured wood products containing glues high in formaldehyde, dust mites, mold spores, mildew, and some cleaning products.

Concrete floors, stained with nontoxic pigments, are a healthier alternative to carpeting because they do not emit harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and are easy to sweep clean. In fact, VOC emissions from concrete building products are much lower than those for most other building materials. The use of natural lime-cement plaster wall finishes and concrete countertops can also significantly reduce total VOC concentrations inside a home.

Exposure to toxic mold in homes and buildings has been blamed for ailments ranging from headaches to severe respiratory infections and immune system disorders. Mold can thrive on any organic material, especially in warm, moist, humid conditions. In addition to carpeting, mold can feed on drywall and wood studs, joists, and wall sheathing.

Concrete floors and walls won’t support the growth of toxic mold.


Genie Blocks have been designed as the building method of the future. Energy efficient, low use of natural resource products and resistant to all of the most common destructive factors buildings face.

Genie Blocks are also designed to shorten construction times, saving money on both labor and on-site equipment requirements. This is as important to an individual who is building for personal use, as it is to the professional contractor whose business can only benefit from increased productivity and lower costs.

Never before has it been as cost effective to give buildings a unique exterior character and personality as it is with the endless array of exterior textures available when building with Genie Blocks. From a homeowners point of view it’s a means to have a personal and personalized home. For business owners it means a distinct look that stands out from the rest.

However you look at it, Genie Blocks make sense as a building product for
the budget conscious, the appearance conscious and the quality conscious.

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