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                                                                    Press Releases


The Building Block of the 21st Century
-developed by a BC Builder - 

The Europeans have been building homes, commercial buildings, retaining walls, and fences for centuries, with a building block designed many years ago.

This Block has not changed much over the centuries and has provided the Europeans, Asians, and South Africans with strong structures that have stood the test of time. Their homes are free from fire, insects, rodents, and mould. They require very little maintenance providing security and comfort to the people living in them.

In North America homes and multifamily units have used wood frame construction for years, as wood was readily available and quick to utilize. The problem with wood structures is, that the forces of nature such as hurricanes, tornados, and fire can destroy this type of building very quickly. Another factor against wood is longevity, insects, and mould. A home in North America has a life span of approximately FIFTY years, requiring either a tear down or a major upgrade to be livable.




When a home has to be torn down to give way for the new building, the energy used to tear it down and rebuild, is huge, creating a large carbon factor. If this building could last a few hundred years (like the European structures), you have a huge saving in energy.

Homeowners in North America, like concrete on their homes, this is why the outside finishes of homes are covered with brick, cultured stone, stucco, and cement board. These finishes are hung onto a wood structure that in time, will shrink, rot, be eaten by insects (Termites) leaving it with no support for the stucco, brick, or cement board.

In turn, the stucco cracks allowing moisture, and insects to get into the wood to speed up the deteriorating structure meant to support it.

Today our yellow page books are full of pest control companies, waiting for a call to deal with such problems. Stucco repair companies make a business fixing your stucco sidings. We can see the destruction of communities who have suffered major losses from fires, in single and multiple family units.


Now we have the opportunity to make changes for our future generations. To provide structures that can give security, comfort, and to be free of fire, insects, mould, and sustain hurricane forces and earthquakes.

              Building Blocks of the 21st Century for Many Reasons:

                   Genie Block has taken the existing building blocks to the next level.

The Genie Block was developed in response to the devastating fires in Kelowna five years ago by a local Manufacturer. Genie Block is a large block with multiple faces formed onto the block, and is installed using small cranes and lifting devices.

The Genie Block is 6 ft long, 1ft high and 8.5 inches wide. It has cavities, both vertically and horizontally allowing re-enforcing bars to pass through. 

The purpose of the vertical and horizontal blocks is to bind the assembly of blocks with re-enforcing rods and concrete, creating a structure capable of hurricane winds, earthquakes, floods, and fires.

These blocks can be used in many applications such as; residential homes, concrete garages, retaining walls, staircases, commercial buildings, and fences.

The faces of the blocks are made using a rubber mould, placed into a form. The rubber pattern can create many custom designs to suit the customers taste and needs.

The productions of these blocks can be done in a small warehouse facility to service a community.

Homeowners that have seen the homes and retaining walls built locally are very impressed with the building system.

** Look us up at or call 604-294-5342 **




The Building Block of the
21st Century

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The Building Block of the
21st Century # 2

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The Building Block of the
 21st Century # 3

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